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nellethiel replied to your post: Goodbye!

Good luck! I hope we can continue to hang out in person like we have been :)

Um, OF COURSE! I would be heartbroken if we didn’t <3

gunsmile replied to your post: Goodbye!

Goodbye and good luck! Hopefully we can meet in the future.

Absolutely, looking forward to it!

ginandjack replied to your post: Goodbye!

your presence is definitely going to be missed! Good luck in your future endeavors! Be well!

Thank you, that means a lot coming from you! It’s bittersweet, but I’m definitely looking forward to the future. Same to you :)

treelet replied to your post: Goodbye!

Goodbye and thank you! I do hope you leave this tumblr up as it served as such a huge source of comfort and inspiration to me as another QPOC pagan. Good luck with everything you do. :)

I definitely will, and I’m so glad to hear that! I really, really know how important that kind of solidarity is for us multiple-minorities. Best of luck to you as well :)

whenthemusicsended replied to your post: Goodbye!

Goodbye. Thank you for everything!

Thank you! It’s been awesome e-knowing you :) Best of luck with everything!


After that not-blogging trial period, it’s time to say goodbye for real. I will no longer be updating this blog. You could say I’m graduating from pagan blogging! 

I may follow a few of you from my personal blog instead, so we can keep in touch that way. 

Thanks all of you for making this past year so awesome. It’s amazing how much I’ve learned and grown in the time I’ve been here. I mean, I’ve made real friends! That’s amazing!

And now, some parting words of advice to any newbies. Or, things I’ve learned this past year: 

  • Focus on yourself and your faith; it doesn’t help to compare yourself to others, especially since trends come and go.
  • Remember the fallibility of yourself and of others (including big name pagans). Critical thinking is good!
  • Don’t get caught up in too much tumblr drama; I’ve found it to be very unhealthy. Remember there is a world outside of tumblr (and online) pagandom! It also helps to put things in perspective.
  • You don’t have to be a scholar, but don’t be afraid to learn more and try different things as part of the process of exploration. And don’t be afraid to change. Reflection and re-evaluation are good things! 
  • If you feel different than most other bloggers, we need you and your posts. We need what you can contribute.

Um…that’s all I’ve got. 

Thanks again for the interaction, the shared learning, the support, the inspiration! Goodbye, all <3

Just a minor announcement that I’ll likely be much less active on this blog for a little while (or a long while), as I work on other important things in my life. This blog has been an amazing help as I’ve discovered my faith, but it could be that my time as a pagan blogger has run its course. Writing about my religion no longer seems to be the best use of my time - there are other things I need to be devoting my attention to now. Other things to blog about. Other lives to live :)

I’ll likely still post here and there on tumblr and/or wordpress, but am making a conscious effort to take a step back, at least for a little while. I’m also unfollowing almost everyone (nothing personal!). Do feel free to get in touch with me through asks/email if you want to chat! 


Possible unpopular opinion alert, but I really do feel like the Wyrd Ways Radio show last night on Pop-Culture Paganism was actually, all things considered, respectful and interesting. I don’t think anybody stepped over any huge lines (no more than they have been, anyway), and I think a lot of very fascinating concepts were discussed (on both ends of the argument)…it gave me a lot to think about. I know I’ve been quiet on the Pop-Culture Paganism front, but that doesn’t mean I don’t think about it, or think about philosophies of reality, divinity, religion, etc. I just tend to prefer to avoid drama.

I would say I fall to neither side of the overall argument definitively. 

I feel pretty much the same…my only complaint about the show was how one-sided they set it up to be. All the speakers other than the callers had pretty much the same view…which is poor planning, I think, if it was meant to be a debate on the issue.

But yeah…I’ve been quiet because it’s an issue I’m still thinking over for myself, and there have been a lot of interesting points made! Right now I’d also say I fall on neither side. Maybe the side that calls for nuance. (I also think both sides seem uncomfortable/find error with people not thinking/believing the way they do, which I find…pointless? I don’t know.) 

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Just a friendly reminder that reconstruction faiths are not inherently scholarly.It can and should be fun and religious to read scholarly sources, and it is very easy to get caught up in the source material. But ultimately that’s not the heart of reconstruction faiths; faith is. Most of our religious predecessors were illiterate, and that did not stop them from honoring their gods, giving offerings and libations, and living rightly. All it takes is the desire to worship in a way that pleases your gods, and to do so. Once you make the decision to worship in a recon-manner, you need only know the basics.

Instant reblog. (Bolding mine.)

I often think of something stsathyre said once regarding historical accuracy - “I’m not reenacting, I’m doing.” Or something along those lines. While I’m a bookworm and nerd and enjoy the historical detective work, historically-informed faiths should not be “religion for scholars.” It’s about faith, it’s about living, it’s about experiencing, it’s about being present with the gods in the here and now, in whatever way that may be.

It&#8217;s rare that I have someone else to read for me, thanks @rosecoloredcomedy ❤#collectivetarot

It’s rare that I have someone else to read for me, thanks @rosecoloredcomedy ❤#collectivetarot